Government Repression on Gambling

Government Repression on Gambling : Why The Texas Card House in Dallas Has Lost Its Permit

The Texas Card House (TCH) in Dallas had its permit strangely cancelled by the city months after it was authorized. Even with government repression on gambling industry, the room is still open and games are being played as of Friday evening.

PokerNews contacted the Dallas City Attorney’s Office for an explanation of the alleged crimes committed by the card room, but we have yet to get a response. We have reached out to Ryan Crow, CEO of Texas Card House, and are waiting for a response. We will disclose any information that is supplied to us as quickly as feasible.

Government Repression on Gambling : What TCH Published on Social Media

On social media, TCH published the following statement:

«We understand your anxiety, and we can tell you that in the event that we are forced to close, we would honor any outstanding chips or balances for our members. However, we are confident in our capacity to overcome this challenge and anticipate that the procedure will take a long time in the interim. One of the numerous advantages of playing at TCH venues is that we are more than just one place. Furthermore, we stand behind our product 100 percent and are devoted to doing the right thing by our players, employees, and our «»Community.»

Government Repression on Gambling : Make Sure is It a Gamble or Not?

In the meanwhile, we know that the city sent TCH a letter alerting the poker club that their business license was withdrawn, but with just a brief reason. The Northwest Dallas business’s city permit was withdrawn for «keeping a gaming place,» according to the notification.

This assertion is called into doubt because Texas Card House does not take rake from any pots. Collecting rake in cash games is banned in Texas, according to the state’s severe gambling regulations.

Government repression on gambling industry is pushing poker rooms to operate differently in Texas than they do elsewhere. Instead of rake, the rooms charge membership and/or seat fees, which are levied hourly or occasionally daily.

At TCH, players must pay 13 dollars per hour to play, which is why the card club is perplexed as to why the permission was revoked.


Government Repression on Gambling : KTVT Spent Hundreds of Hours to Clarifying 

Crow told Dallas’ CBS station (KTVT) that he spent hundreds of hours clarifying his ideas with the city over a two-year period to ensure that his firm was functioning legally.

His license was granted last year, and the Northern Texas poker facility immediately became a popular place to play cards in the region. On average, more than 400 players flood the room each day. Not only that, but if the room is forced to close, over 200 people would lose their employment.

Government Repression on Gambling : Other Rooms Experiencing Similar Problems

Texas Card House also operates three more poker rooms in the state, in Austin, Houston, and the Rio Grande Valley, where local authorities are less involved in poker room operations.

However, in Dallas, things are a little different, and TCH isn’t the only poker parlor that has discovered this the hard way. Champions Club, an elite restaurant with a high-priced steakhouse, became a members-only club last summer.

The firm first requested for a license as a regular poker facility, but the application was refused by the city’s construction authority. Champions reapplied with a restaurant and bar, and the Certificate of Occupancy was granted.

However, following an appeal to the Dallas Board of Adjustment, the city affirmed the initial judgment, implying that Champions could only open as a restaurant and bar without poker.

Government Repression on Gambling : The Problem in Poker Championship

Champions has now launched a lawsuit against the city and wants to one day open a poker facility. Prior to its grand launch in September, the projected card establishment advertised a $2 million guaranteed poker series, which was, of course, canceled.

When Champions sought to construct a poker room in the neighborhood, numerous homeowners expressed their discontent and criticized the intended proposal. 

«As residents of the communities that will be directly and negatively impacted by these proposed poker rooms, we should have the right to decide whether a gambling operation opens so close to our family homes, schools, churches, businesses, and parks,» reads a July petition opposing the Champions Club poker room. 

Furthermore, «We adamantly oppose the operation of any organized poker/gambling establishments near to our communities.»

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