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Download Attack on Titan Theme Song on MP3Juice 2022

Are you going to download Attack on Titan theme song? We will give you the best recommendation here! For good reason, Attack on Titan is one of the most popular anime series of all time. 

There is so much to like about the anime, from the large-scale fights to the character development, and every facet of the show appears to shine. 

This comprises the various opening intros used by the show throughout its seasons. When it comes to slick animations and thrilling song choices, they may be among the best OPs in the anime industry.

Recommendation to Download Attack on Titan Theme Song

Attack on Titan has 4 seasons in all, with some of them being split into two parts. Each of these introductions has its own unique style and flair, but there are a few that fans still recite and remember more passionately than others.

Here, we give you the best recommendation of opening songs from this anime. 

1. Jiyuu No Tsubasa (Season 1, Part 2)

Season 1, Part 2 of Attack on Titan features the show’s strongest opening scene. The music of Linked Horizon starts with a spine-tingling chant before transitioning into an electric guitar lead that takes the intro to new heights.

It also gives viewers a first-person picture of what it’s like to fight hordes of highly hazardous titans as a scout by showing them what it’s like to fly through the sky in ODM gear.

2. Shinzou Wo Sasageyo (Season 2)

The piano keys that open Season 2’s opening have a creepy quality to them, which is a nice thing considering the program can be quite dark at times. 

As a result, Linked Horizon’s «Shinzou Wo Sasageyo» is an excellent choice for this opener. Some of the opening views, such as the one that pans over all of the heroes standing on the wall, are really captivating and tragic. 

This has been downloaded millions of times by many people around the world according to MP3Juices’ report. 

3. Shoukei To Shikabane No Michi (Season 3, Part 2)

Season 3 was divided into 2 parts, with the second being the one we’re talking about. It beats out the first’s intro since the music played is still one of the most recognizable in the series. 

Not only that, but the cinematic is chock-full of slow-motion views, such as the famed Scouts charging the Beast Titan and other memorable scenes like Eren’s Attack Titan and Reiner’s Armored Titan engaging in a long-awaited battle.

4. The Rumbling (Season 4, Part 2)

The anime Attack on Titan: The Final Season Part 2 will bring the series to a close, and it deserves to end on a high note. 

Thankfully, «The Rumbling» more than lives up to its billing, delivering terrific and heavy music as well as pictures that illustrate how far the characters have progressed over the course of the anime. To be more specific, the OP depicts how much one character, Eren, has changed.

5. Red Swan (Season 3, Part 1)

Season 3 of Attack on Titan focuses a lot on the show’s world-building, with an opening cinematic to match. 

Season 3’s premiere features a lot of nice qualities, such as illustrating the growth and evolution of the characters that viewers have spent so much time observing. This is a lovely addition.

6. Guren No Yumiya (Season 1, Part 1)

The first episode of a favorite anime will always evoke feelings of nostalgia. This is especially true in the case of Attack on Titan, as these scenes were among the first animated action sequences that fans saw from the highly lauded anime.

The intro, on the other hand, hasn’t aged as well as previous openers and can serve as a reminder to show viewers of how far the animation has progressed over time. However, «Guren no Yumiya» was a fantastic song choice for capturing the glories of the first season, and it is one of the show’s biggest highlights.

7. My War (Season 4, Part 1)

Season 4 Part 1 is one of the strongest episodes in the entire series in terms of intensity, but the opener, unfortunately, does not equal it. The Noko-composed «My War» soundtrack is a fan favorite and stands out among Attack on Titan opening songs. 

On the other hand, the excellent melody is accompanied by some very simple motion, however colorful and abstract. Despite its perfection, it just depicts average battling on a battlefield.

Then, you can download Attack on Titan theme song above to get the feeling like in the anime. Desperate, frustrated, sad, and sorrow are depicted in this anime.