horse racing in Japan history

3 Important Things in Horse Racing in Japan History That People Rarely Know

Horse racing (keiba) is a popular equestrian sport in Japan, with over 21,000 races held each year. In Japan, there are three types of racing: flat racing, jump racing, and Ban’ei racing (also called Draft Racing). Are you curious about horse racing in Japan history?.

The Japan Racing Association (JRA) and the National Association of Racing organize horse racing in Japan (NAR). 

The JRA is in charge of horseracing events at ten major racecourses in major cities, while the NAR is in charge of various local horseracing events across Japan. This system of horse racing administration is unique to Japan.

The Japan Cup, the country’s most prestigious race, is held in the spring, autumn, and winter.

Horse Racing in Japan History

Although equestrian sports and horse racing have a long history in Japan, it was not until the spring of 1862 that a group of British residents organized the first horse race in a recognizable European format on drained marshland just outside the newly opened treaty port of Yokohama.

Following a series of informal races on what is now known as the Swamp Ground, the Negishi Racecourse was built in 1866 to provide a more permanent site adjacent to the growing Yamate residential district.

The race track, which was originally intended as a place of entertainment for the foreign community, quickly became popular with Japanese society, with Emperor Meiji himself visiting 14 times. 

The popularity of horse racing spread quickly in the surrounding areas of other treaty ports, and the Kobe Jockey Club was founded in 1870, following the Yokohama precedent.

In addition, Japan took an integrated approach to thoroughbred breeding and racing early on in the sport’s development. 

Because of their close financial ties, these two industries were able to expand significantly during the post-World War II economic boom. In 1954, the Japan Racing Association was established.

In 1981, the Japan Cup, one of the richest horse races in the world, was established. It continues to draw thoroughbreds from all over the world to Tokyo’s Fuchu Racecourse on the last Sunday in November.

The Opportunities for Gambling Enthusiasts

There are three main positives from the scene that should encourage you to consider betting on the race card and results within Japanese gambling laws. In addition, because horse racing has such a large following in the United States, online casinos are now offering it as a betting option. 

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Types of Racing

Flat, Jump, and Ban’ei are the three types of Japanese horse competitions. Flat and Jump variations are popular around the world, but Ban’ei is the national style of Japan. 

It involves competing over a 200-meter dirt track while pulling a sled weighing anywhere from 450 kilograms to one ton, with jockeys weighing at least 75 kilograms balancing on the sleds. It doesn’t make for an exciting photo gallery, which could explain why it’s become less popular.

Both casino and horse racing fans agree that flat racing is the most popular form of competition. It is the focus of all professionals and features the best horses and jockeys. 

The Japanese version is mostly middle distance and thus a speed and endurance test. Jump events aren’t as popular as they used to be, and they’re run differently than they are in the West.

They use a twisted path and a shorter course. Furthermore, no racecourse hosts more than two jump events in a single day. Finally, because few horses are bred specifically for this type of competition, they are mostly reserved for horses who have retired from flat racing.

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