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MÁS” es el título del primer single de “Libertad”, primer álbum de Agoney que saldrá a la luz próximamente. “MÁS” es la continuidad al preludio del disco, una canción emotiva y épica donde el artista demuestra una sensibilidad exquisita en la composición y producción, donde su voz brilla con todos sus matices. 

MÁS” es el claro ejemplo de canción redonda; un sencillo uptempo, con un estribillo demoledor, que une sonidos de influencia moderna con la delicadeza de un arreglo de cuerdas épico y brillante.  Un claro indicio de cómo va a ser la sonoridad de su primer álbum “Libertad”, el cual verá la luz a finales de verano de 2020.

El videoclip, es una obra conceptual donde Agoney se muestra sin tapujos, libre y sin armaduras. Su voz, su mensaje y su verdad. “MÁS” ya está disponible en todas las plataformas digitales.

Agoney Biography: Career, Personal Life, Albums and Movies

Agoney biography is something that can’t be missed when we’re talking about this Spanish singer, composer, and performer. Many call him “The Canary with the golden voice because of his great and versatile vocal.

Let’s dive more about Agoney biography below!

Early Life

In Adeje, a part of Canary island, Agoney Hernández Morales was born on 18 October 1995. His musical talent was already shown when he played trumpet in a band at six years old. Agoney’s passion for music also led him to attend a performing arts high school. Not stopping at that, Agoney continued to study music in Tenerife and got a job as a hotel singer there.


Agoney biography is not complete without talking about his career’s journey. Agoney’s career has been packed with popular works and performances since 2017 until now.

2017: Operación Triunfo

Agoney joined Operación Triunfo 2017, a TV music competition, alongside with other 16 participants. Unfortunately, Agoney was eliminated with a very close gap against Ana Guerra in gala 12. Even so, Agoney became a part of the Operación Triunfo tour once the competition was over.

2018: Debut single “Quizás”

On 31 August 2018, Agoney debuted with the single “Quizás” that can be translated as Maybe in English. With its lyrics, this song aimed at people who didn’t believe in Agoney. This song was well accepted, as it reached number one at Spanish iTunes chart and one million views on YouTube in less than 48 hours.

2019: Performing and second single

As a performer, singing and dancing performances were filling in Agoney biography. In 2019, Agoney performed at the Gran Canaria Drag Queen Contest and a TV programme called La mejor canción jamás cantada.

Later in August that year, Agoney released his second single “Black”. Agoney wrote the song as a commentary on modern society and the pressure of social media. Then in November 2019, Agoney held the musical tour to Argentina as it became his first tour outside Spain.

2020: Debut album “Libertad”

Agoney released his long-awaited album under the title Libertad in 2020. In this year, Agoney collaborated with other artists such as Brian Cross with “Strangers” and Rosana Arbelo with “Sin miedo 2020”. Agoney also sang as a part of the official anthem of Madrid Pride 2020, “Piensa en positivo”.

2021: Cover song and cameo film

Agoney sang a cover version of A Little Respect that was originally sung by Erasure. This song became a part of film soundtrack El Cover, with Agony appearing as a cameo there. Agoney biography in 2021 will be completed with his competing acts in Tu cara me suena.

Personal Life

One thing to add in Agoney biography is his personal life, which he’s an openly gay and became an icon of LGBT community. During his time in Operación Triunfo,  Agoney defended LGBT community. He also became a speaker at LGTBI+ Pride of Madrid 2018.

Albums and Singles

Agoney has one album, Libertad, that was released on 28 August 2020. This debut album got number one on the Spanish albums chart. Libertad contained his previous songs along with the new songs, such as Libertad, MÁS, Soy Forigo, Perficción, Edén, Volver A Ser, and Ángel Caído.

Rather than the album, we could find more singles in Agoney biography. From Quizás in 2018 and Black in 2019, to Quién pide al cielo por ti in 2021. Some songs in his album were also released as singles, such as Libertad, MÁS, and Edén.

Award and Nominations

In 2020, Agoney got an award as National Revelation Artist at IX Premio Nacional El Suplemento. In the same year, his album got nominated as Best Album. This nomination was given in Actuality Awards 2020 for national category.


The last thing we’ll talk about in Agoney biography is his appearance in movie. Agoney appeared as a cameo in the movie “El Cover”. In this movie, Agoney performed a cover song “A Little Respect” as himself.

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