100 Bit Dice Slot Demo

100 Bit Dice Slot Demo Review Summary (RTP 98.94%)

Get ready for random wins in the 100 Bit Dice slot demo game. This game is not your everyday online slot, but it also cannot fall under the table game category, which is why it is often referred to as a dice game. 100 Bit Dice is developed by 4ThePlayer, a small scale provider known for its innovative game titles. This game is no exception to that rule, as it is very likely to be different from what you are used to, especially if you are primarily a slot machine player.

If you are curious about what makes this game different from many other casino titles, you can try the 100 Bit Dice slot demo for free here at GoodLuckMate. If not, you can continue reading more about the release so you know what to expect when playing it.

How to Play 100 Bit Dice Slot Game

Like any other casino game, the game mechanics offered by the 100 Bit Dice slot machine are purely based on luck, with the outcome decided by a random number generation algorithm. The game is to guess if the dice will land on a particular number you have chosen.

The game starts by choosing your bet size between €0.10 and €100. The range is wide enough to give all types of gamers a reason to enjoy this unique release, no matter what their budget.

After choosing your bet, the next step is to move down the two target values and sliders shown below. Using the latter, you can choose a random number between 0.1 and 99.9. If you go below 50 you will be in the green zone, but if you are above 50 you will be in the blue zone. After selecting the target value, you can finally place your bet.

You can bet whether the number appearing from the dice will be lower than the target value of BET GREEN or higher than the target value of BET BLUE. If your target value is in the green area and the dice also lands in the green area and you bet the result will be lower than the target value, then you win. It costs nothing to try out the 100 Bit Dice slot demo, and no money needs to be deposited.

100 Bit Dice Slot Payouts and Symbols

As this is different from most slot machines and regular table games, there are no symbols on the 100 Bit Dice slot machine. Instead, you just need to focus on the payouts offered by the game.

The 100 Bit Dice slot offers only two payouts – one for the green belt and one for the blue. If you win the green bet you will get the corresponding value based on the amount you bet, the same is true for any blue win you win.

If you bet on 50:50, you will get a bonus of 1.98 times your stake. Before clicking on BET GREEN or BET BLUE, you can always consult the paytable of the bet you are making.

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100 Bit Dice Slot Feature and Bonuses Review

There are no 100-bit Dice bonus features or special offers you can look for when rolling the dice. The only thing to keep in mind is the result history, which you can use to try to predict the next position of the dice, although that’s a unique chance because the outcome is completely random.

There is also an autoplay option that you can configure to roll the dice on a specific bet, green or blue, for a specific number of times. If you play on the goon nexus slot, the autoplay feature can be useful. Also, if you want a faster game with less headroom, you can choose the turbo option. Unfortunately, there are no 100 Bit Dice free spins available, so you will still have to pay for your spins in this unusual game/slot.

Conclusion of The 100 Bit Dice Slot Demo Review 

As mentioned in the introduction, the 100 Bit Dice RTP has an amazing value of 98.94%, although its volatility is still unknown. The slot machine’s RTP is very high, almost reaching a value of 99%, so players can expect impressive profits from rolling the dice in this game. On a variety of demo slot websites supported by 4ThePlayer games, the maker of this online slot, you may play the 100 Bit Dice slot demo.

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