Max Quest Rise of The Mummy Review

Max Quest Rise of The Mummy Review: RTP 97.50% (BetSoft)

Max Quest Rise of The Mummy review will help you to gain big wins in the machine slot. It’s not often that we’re thrilled by a slot machine that takes its theme from Ancient Egypt, but this real-money slot comes as a relatively new type of casino gambling slot

The Max Quest series, available from Betsoft, has taken us to pirate ships, mythical kingdoms, the Amazon, and more, so it’s no surprise that we’ll be seeing the Egyptian pyramids as well. 

The assumption, as with the other games in the series, is for an RPG-style title with arcade-like graphics and the opportunity to complete quests and fight monsters for rewards.

The Overview of Max Quest Rise of The Mummy Review 

Max Quest Rise of The Mummy Review

While fighting your way through Egypt, you’ll be shooting at waves of various adversaries in the hopes of winning a reward worth up to 5,000 times your bet, all while the RTP is at an excellent 97.50%. 

There are also additional features/modifiers, such as special weapons that must be used at the appropriate time, and generally, it allows players to have a lot more fun than they would with a regular slot machine, even one from Betsoft.

1. Bet and Prizes

When the game begins, you select the room in which you wish to play, and there are different betting ranges available. The betting range is $0.04 to $6 on average. The most expensive room accepts bets ranging from $0.60 to $6.

If all goes according to plan, Max Quest: Rise of the Mummy might pay out up to 5,000 times your stake, or $30,000 in cash.

We believe you’ll enjoy the RTP, which is far higher than that of a regular slot machine. That RTP’s value is listed as 97.50%.

2. Slot Features

The amount of the bet matters since each shot you take at an adversary will cost you that much. It’s not a matter of having professional expertise to win because the shots you take will always hit the enemy. The shot will ricochet until it finds a target, even if you don’t hit right away.

When you hit an enemy, you can earn prizes or gain access to special weaponry. The adversaries’ levels range from one to three, and their hit points have changed proportionately. You take more health with stronger weapons, and the prizes increase bigger. Critical hits, quick wins, and extra wins are all possible.

There are a variety of adversaries for you to defeat. There are 17 different types of adversaries in total, starting with the lowest-paying scarabs (five different varieties) and progressing to various types of locusts, enormous scorpions, and mummies (Minions, Crimson or Emerald Bataanta, Shadowguard, Tahawy Warriors or Commanders, Spiritguard, Cursed Brawlers, and finally Horus).

Max Quest: Rise of the Mummy also contains unusual adversaries that arrive at random in the game. Legendary Bosses occur at random, and there are three different versions that can appear. Osiris,  Anubis, and Ra are their names.

You are given a Turret as a weapon at the start of the game, and you can use it at any time. It can be improved to level 5, although using it at that level costs extra.

Mine Launchers (15x wager) and Plasma Rifles (25x wager) are among the Special Weapons available, as are Flamethrower (35x), Cryogun (45x), and Artillery Strike (50x wager) (50x). Following a hit on any adversary, the Money Wheel can be activated at any time and will spin to pay a reward.

3. Theme and Design

The screen appears to be constantly filled with targets, thanks to a large number of minor foes as well as some impressive ones in the shape of special adversaries and legendary bosses. 

Obviously, it’s a site in Egypt, and the weapon used is shown at the bottom. The overall look is appealing, yet it bears no relation to a slot machine. Maybe with Keluaran SGP there will be a change in your luck at gambling.


In the end of this Max Quest Rise of The Mummy review, it is the newest version in Betsoft’s RPG-style casino game series. We’re not sure how successful these games are, but they can be entertaining to play, especially if you’re seeking a shift from traditional slots.

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