Eloise Agoney Lyrics + Translation

Eloise Agoney Lyrics + Translation

Agoney left a remarkable impression for his participation in the TV talent competition, Operación Triunfo 2017. He gave various performances at the show, one of them is “Eloise”. 

Here we’ll share Eloise Agoney lyrics along with other information you need to know about the song. Let’s check this out!

Basic Information About “Eloise by Agoney

Before you look at Eloise Agoney lyrics, you could find out more about the song itself. Here are things you need to know about “Eloise” by Agoney. 

Performance and release

Agoney sang “Eloise” at Operación Triunfo 2017 stage, the ninth series of its installment. This song was performed by Agoney on Gala 11, making him move forward to the next stage. “Eloise” by Agoney then released as a part of Operación Triunfo 2017 album on 15 January 2018. 

You can find this 02.43 minute long song on various music platforms, such as Spotify, Deezer, and JOOX. If you’d like to see his “Eloise” performance, you should check Operación Triunfo official account on YouTube.

Original song

Just like most of Operación Triunfo performances, Agoney’s Eloise was also a cover version. The original song under the same title was first released by Barry Ryan back in October 1968. “Eloise” was written by Paul Ryan, Barry’s twin brother who’s a notable producer, and became their big hit all the time.

Becoming such a legendary song, “Eloise” was covered by many musicians across generations. You may find more than thirty versions of this song, and one of them is Agoney’s cover version in 2018. Agoney delivered a fun and delightful performance that matched well with today’s vibe.

Eloise Agoney Lyrics and Translation

Eloise Agoney Lyrics and Translation

Even though it was a cover song, Eloise Agoney lyrics were different from its original version. Agoney’s lyrics were written in Spanish and conveyed a different sentiment from Barry Ryan’s.

Eloise Agoney lyrics 


Es un huracán profesional

Que viene y va buscando acción

Vendiendo solo amor


Pisar por encima del bien y el mal

Es natural, en ella es natural


En tiempo de relax

Empolva su nariz




Dolor en tus caricias

Y cuentos chinos

Yo seguiré siendo tu perro fiel


La fiebre y el placer

¿Qué puedo hacer?

Se convirtió en sucio polvo gris

¿Quién me lo iba a decir?


Sus pechos gomados y nitroglicerina




(Tantas noches como te deseé)

Dolor en tus caricias

(Tantas veces te maldeciré)

Y cuentos chinos

Yo fui atrapado en mi propia red

Como una araña en cautividad


Ya no podré escapar

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeeeeah



Sin ti mi vida está

Vacía y nada más


Mi Eloise

Eloise Agoney lyrics translation

Source: elespanol.com

You might as well look up the translation version in English to understand Eloise Agoney lyrics better. With this translated lyric, you might know how they were different from the original song.

She is a hurricane, professional

That comes and goes looking for action

Selling just love


Step above the good and the evil

It’s natural, in her it’s natural

In relaxing time

She powders her nose



Pain in your petting

And tall tales

I will remain being your faithful dog

The fever and the pleasure

What can I do?

It became in dirty grey dust

Who would say it?

Her breasts Goma-2 and nitroglycerin



(So many nights as I wanted you)

Pain in your petting

(So many nights as I’ll curse you)

And tall tales

I was caught in my own webs

Like a spider in captivity

I won’t be able to escape

Yeah, yeah, yeah


Without you my life is

Empty and nothing more

Yeah, my Eloise.