China River Slot Review

China River Slot Review: RTP 95.27% (Bally)

In this China River slot review, you will understand how the slot operates. This game, a Bally slot machine, appears to be a regular nature or forest-themed slot machine with little in the way of a connection to a body of water. 

Nonetheless, the game has a strong case to make, primarily due to its features, progressive jackpots, and other facilities.

Summary of China River Slot Review

In China River, you’ll find 30 lines on 5×3 reels, and thanks to their winning combinations, you could win up to $17,000 per line, or $250,000 in a single spin. 

There’s even an option in the form of its progressive jackpots, the best of which is guaranteed to pay out when it reaches $200,000. 

When you factor in the 95.87% RTP and a feature list that includes wild symbols, mystery stacked reels, coin scatters, and free spins, we are confident that a lot of players will want to give it a try.

1. Betting Options

One of the best online slot game at AW8, China River’s wagers will take into account all 30 lines available inside, and all you have to do is choose the total amount that will be put into the next round. The total wagered ranges from $0.30 to $510 if each line is covered with bets ranging from $0.01 to $17.

Although progressive jackpots are available, the regular combinations have a higher payout potential. With the best 5-symbol combination paying 1,000 coins, each line could be worth up to $17,000 in cash. They’ve set a limit of $250,000 on the slot’s single-spin payouts.

When it comes to progressive jackpots, the Mega Drop network is currently in use. The Epic prize will be paid out when it reaches $200,000, while the Major prize will be paid out when it reaches $20,000, and the Minor prize will be paid out when it reaches $1,500. 

The reseed value will be approximately 25% of the paid amount once the jackpot is awarded, which happens at random.

The game’s RTP is 95.87%, which is acceptable, but the progressive jackpots account for 2% of the game’s RTP, so China River doesn’t fare well on its own. However, this is typical of progressive jackpot slots.

2. Slot Features

The Bird is the wild symbol, and it appears on the last four reels. It’s a stand-in for any of the possible combinations that can occur on active lines.

The use of Mystery Stacked Reels will be another notable feature. All visible objects will be transformed into symbols at random, with regular icons being the only ones taken into account.

Coin symbols, which are gold and red in color, will act as scatters in another feature. If you get 3 to 5 of them on the reels, you’ll get 8 to 15 free spins and a prize worth up to 100 times your stake. The winnings are doubled for the period of the free spins, and you can even retrigger the feature.

3. Theme and Design

China River has a naturalism design with obvious Chinese-inspired elements that have appeared in a number of games. It’s not a particularly attractive design; in fact, it’s mostly unattractive. 

The reels will feature symbols ranging from 6 Royals to gold cups, jade toads, lotus flowers, Chinese Writing, Birds, and Coins, all set against a background of leaves and flowers.

Final Words

The progressive jackpots and top payouts offered by this slot are the most appealing aspects of the game, with the features following closely behind. It doesn’t have any new mechanics or interesting stories to tell, but it’s still a good game. Finally, it is our bandar slot terpercaya results in the China River slot review.

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