Animal Madness Slot Review

Animal Madness Slot Review (Medium Volatility, RTP 96.20%) Play’n GO

In this Animal Madness slot review, you will see how to win the big prizes in the game. Play’n GO is recognized for its darkly themed slots, rock games, large weirdy grid slots, and joker games (amongst others). 

This game, on the other hand, is at least the third time the company has ventured outside of town to create a farm-themed slot. 

The most recent was Piggy Bank Farm, and before that, way before that, was Crazy Cows. Although Animal Madness is mechanically unique from its predecessors in that it is a cluster paying grid slot, it is just as deeply rooted in farm life, if not more so.

Best Animal Madness Slot Review

As the most favorite slot at AW8 Indo, the game begins with a sweeping orchestral score, exposing a pastoral landscape that is both appealing and a touch terrifying. Animal Madness is a lovely game with cute characters, but the sky is ominously black in the distance, and is that a storm forming? 

Any dread that an impending downpour could instill is swiftly swept away once the reels begin to spin. Animal Madness moves at a breakneck speed, thanks to fast hits and frequent feature appearances. 

This frenetic activity is one of the game’s main attractions, and it’s required to compensate for the lack of a bonus round.

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Return to Player & Volatility

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves; the first order of business is to choose a wager ranging from 10 percent to £/€100. When you press the spin button, 25 symbols are dropped onto a 55-game panel, and you win if at least four matching symbols join in vertical or horizontal directions. 

Because of the addition of a cascade feature, this is a medium volatile game that can attain its full winning possibilities on a single spin. 

This clears the winning symbols from the reels, allowing new ones to fill in the gaps. Cascades continue to feed a math model with a projected return value of 96.20% until no new victories are hit.

Paying Symbols

Players are given eight pay symbols to use in order to win, which are divided into low-paying crops and high-paying livestock. Wheat, corn, tomatoes, and pumpkins are among the crops that pay 0.2x for four of a kind and up to 40-200x for an 18+ sized cluster. 

High payouts include chickens, goats, sheep, and cows, which pay 0.8-2x for four of a kind and up to 400-1,800x for 18+ sized clusters. The features can add a range of wild symbols to the reels; all wild types can replace any of the pay symbols to assist form clusters.

Game Features

A winning cluster zooms into the mouth of a sunflower sitting next to the grid when it is removed off the game board. A modifier is added to the board when a specified amount of cascades have been gathered. 

Rabbit Mayhem is another feature that appears at random on any non-winning spin. When the cascade is activated, random symbols are eliminated from the play area.

Our Final Conclusion

Few developers have as much experience creating grid slots as Play’n GO, and this game is unlike anything they’ve done before. It doesn’t follow the traditional pattern of collecting winning symbols to charge a meter, yet collecting successive cascades to trigger features is essentially the same thing. 

The absence of an ultimate bonus round distinguishes this game from the majority of Play’n GO grid slots. When a collection sequence was completed, even a seemingly simple grid slot like Lordi Reel Monsters triggered a potentially deadly free spin. Variety is the spice of life, as the saying goes, and some players may like this approach. 

Well, those are our results on Animal Madness slot review. Are you interested in playing this game at situs judi online slot site?

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